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Switzerland E-Currency
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Buy Gold Metal, Buy USD EURO currency online, Payment System
E-Currency Payment System
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PM Exchange Rates

USD / EUR  0.898   |
|   EUR / USD  1.069


USD >> 237.8   |
|    EUR >> 215.00

GOLD Bid Price /oz:

USD >> 1166.69   |
|    EUR >> 1069.648

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my public data accessible to others?

To do that you need to copy a special link from your account public data settings and install it onto your site. Here you can also view public data of any other member ID, when available.

What account number shall I use to receive funds?

For money transfers your actual account number is used, not your ID number. You need to use the account number of the corresponding currency: “U” for US Dollars, “E” for Euros, “G” for Gold. All the account numbers are reflected on the front page of the client zone.

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Perfect Money system operates with a set of tools considered as the most convenient solution for processing financial transactions between users.

We do not discriminate based on the value of balance turnovers as well as the period of registration.

Every Customer of Perfect Money is very important and we do not make any distinctions while serving you.

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